Frequently asked questions

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Users can submit new Roblox games by clicking on the Add Game button on the top-right of the website. Submit the Roblox game URL in the text box and press Submit Game. We'll review your submission and start tracking your game.

Users can add new codes for a Roblox game by visiting the game page on RoCodes and pressing the plus button above the list of codes.

RoCodes allows users to get notified whenever a new code releases for any Roblox game. Visit the game page on RoCodes and press the bell button to start tracking the game. Whenever a new code is released for any of the Roblox games you're tracking, look out for a notification on your browser.

Roblox codes usually have an expiration date. That means, eventually, some codes may stop working. RoCodes users can flag codes as expired on any game page to let us know they no longer work.

Roblox developers can get verified by contacting us on Discord. Verified Roblox developers can ensure they bring more players back to their game after updates and new code releases.

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